Media Features Calcara, Including Kansas City Star, WIBW & CampKC

Name recognition is an issue for many candidates, and even many elected officials. Thanks to a groundswell of media interest, that is less of a problem for our campaign now!

If you’re a reporter interested in doing a story on the candidate and/or the campaign, please email or call 913-353-8033 to reach Matthew himself.

WIBW & Camp kc

In a recent story on WIBW entitled “Run For Something PAC looking to build Democratic bench“, co-founder Amanda Litman shouts out the top Kansas candidates that her organization is working with:

“Only five percent of state legislators across the country are under the age of 35,” said Litman. “This is a population that is not being represented in our local government, which has an impact on policy, but also on broader elections. If you don’t have younger people in the pipeline earlier, you don’t have younger people and then youngish people and then middle aged people in the pipeline later.”

Run for Something has several young candidates they are assisting in Kansas.

“We’re working with Matthew Calcara, who is running for the Kansas Statehouse in District 30,” said Litman. “He’s a Kansas native. If he wins, he’ll be the first openly LGBT person elected to the state legislature…”

If you’d like to learn more about this organization, visit

Camp KC, which serves the LGBT community in Kansas City, also made note of our campaign launch in their CampBiz section in June 2017.

They were especially enthused about our campaign’s efforts to register voters at KC PrideFest in 2017. That voter registration drive, spearheaded by Matthew, ended up being the most successful drive yet done by the non-partisan, Kansas-based Voter Registration Project!

Camp KC followed up with a candidate interview in their Camp 10 column. It’s a lot of fun, check it out here: Camp 10 – Matthew Calcara.

The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star also had a profile of our groundbreaking campaign. Don’t miss it here: Johnson County man seeks to become first openly-gay member of Kansas Legislature.

One clarification to the otherwise-great story by Bryan Lowry.

I decided to run because I want help protect all the things that make Johnson County a wonderful place to live–schools, parks, libraries, roads and cultural amenities–and because focusing on tax rates alone is the wrong approach to economic development.

Being part of a marginalized community helps me empathize with others who’ve felt left out of the political process: I am running to represent all of the people of the 30th District.

National & international press

In November 2017, the Calcara for Kansas communications team was delighted to discover that we’d received a shoutout in the prestigious national magazine, Harper’s, in a story called “Star Search: the race to rebuild the Democratic Party.”

Dow Jones blog Moneyish also featured Matthew in a write-up about what it takes to raise money for a political campaign. You can read that story here: Everything you need to fund your political campaign (and no, you don’t need $50 million).



To the Media

As a former journalist, I value the role that the media plays in our democracy. I know that most reporters and editors are hard-working, honest professionals trying to serve their community and their readers.

As a candidate, I pledge to be open and transparent. I welcome questions–even tough questions–about why I’m running and any legislation I might propose.

Again, you may reach me directly at or via phone at 913-353-8033. If I am unable to answer, please leave a message that includes your name, publication and deadline, and I promise to try and get back to you in time for you to meet it.

-Matthew Calcara