If you’d like to donate to the Calcara for Kansas campaign, please note the following information.

An individual may contribute up to $500 for the primary election and up to an additional $500 for the general election for a maximum of $1000. Your spouse may make a separate contribution, subject to the same maximum amounts. Kansas law requires us to report the name and mailing address of each individual whose contributions are in excess of $50 in a calendar year, and occupation when contributions are in excess of $150.

All contributions received by this committee are declared. Contributions are not tax deductible.


If you’d like mail a check, we gladly accept those. Checks reduce our banking costs, so this is a great way to donate.

Make check payable to: Calcara for Kansas  (please double-check the spelling!)

Mail check to:
Calcara for Kansas
14362 W. 118th St.
Olathe, KS 66062


Make donations online using PayPal or any major credit card.

Our Paypal link is here: paypal.me/CalcaraforKansas


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Campaigns are expensive to run and operate, even when you’ve got a great group of volunteers.

Donating helps our campaign pay for everything from mailers and walk literature for canvassing, to targeted digital advertising to reach our voters.

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The official Calcara for Kansas campaign treasurer is Brett Hoedl. If you have questions about campaign fundraising or donations, please contact Brett at calcaratreasurer@gmail.com.

Find our latest campaign financial report here on the Kansas Ethics Commission website. (scroll down to District 30)

Spoiler: our campaign has raised more than any other Democratic challenger for the Kansas House of Representatives, per the latest round of financial reporting. 100% of that funding came from individuals like you.

In fact, our fundraising was so good it made local headlines in the SM Post:

Cindy Holscher leads fundraising efforts for 2018 House election cycle in Shawnee Mission area; newcomer Matt Calcara outraises incumbent Randy Powell

That’s right. We outraised the incumbent.

And not by a little, either. By quite a bit.

From the SM Post article

Among the more notable results from the 2017 fundraising reports was the performance of Matt Calcara, a Democrat who is running for the District 30 seat held by Republican Randy Powell. Calcara has raised more than $14,000 since declaring his candidacy in May. That’s more than double the $6,100 in contributions Powell garnered for 2017. Calcara has more than $13,000 cash on hand compared to just under $8,000 for Powell.

Keep in mind, all of Powell’s donations–literally 100% of them in 2017–came from PACs and business interests. See for yourself (PDF).

His two biggest donations (both for the maximum amount of $500 per cycle) were the Koch-controlled KS Chamber of Commerce PAC and something called Centre Management Company. There is literally not even an address available for that entity on the form Rep. Powell filed. They were his biggest donors aside from the Kochs–one of only two entities that maxed out to him–and he didn’t even list an address for them.

Who maxed out to Calcara for Kansas? People like you.

Please consider a donation today!

Paid for by Calcara for Kansas – Brett Hoedl, Treasurer.