We started this campaign because we believe Kansas is worth fighting for.

We started this campaign to become better advocates, activists, volunteers, listeners, organizers, mobilizers and leaders.

We started this campaign to make a difference in the community, and in ourselves.

We started this campaign because we firmly believe that we can be the change we’ve been waiting for.


To win, we need volunteers. It’s just that simple.

In return, we can offer training, support, and advice to turn you into an effective advocate for the issues you care about. Here are some of the ways to get involved:


Matthew Calcara canvassing in the rain on his birthday
Candidate Canvassing in Cold Kansas Rain

Also known as knocking doors, this is the most effective campaign tactic known to democracy, and where we need the most help.

You’ll receive plenty of training, relevant campaign literature, specific addresses and voters to contact. Please don’t be scared of doing this–we will send you to friendly doors since we’re saving the hard sells for the candidate himself. And if you’re new at this, you’ll be paired with someone who has done this before, so it’s a great way to learn.


There are two main goals in phone banking: making sure our supporters actually vote, and reaching out to undecided, or persuadable, voters. You’ll receive a script to follow, lists of folks to call, and enough training to where you are comfortable doing it. And you can call right from the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere in the country! Texting from your mobile phone is also an option.

Office Help

Keep the campaign humming by helping with office work, everything from filing papers away, stuffing envelopes for mailings, organizing lists for follow-ups and thank-yous, and all the other necessary work of keeping our campaign office going strong! (office is located near 119th & Blackbob in Olathe)

Data Team

Whether it is canvassers returning from the field, the campaign treasurer keeping our accounts ship-shape, or phonebankers reporting in, our campaign is awash in data, and we need help organizing it. As with other volunteer posts, no experience is needed and training is provided!

Events & House Party Organizers

If you’re ever been called a social butterfly, this could be the volunteer position for you! Help us set up house parties, meet-the-candidate events, fundraisers, or whatever other ideas you might have–your creativity is welcome.

Volunteer Sign Up

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